Talks – Past and Future

Upcoming Events:

  • February 2020 – Pause Fest Melbourne/AU – “A.I. and its creative role in Marketing and Advertising (Event Link)
  • February 2020 – Pause Fest Melbourne/AU – “Resilience”
  • February 2020 – Tech Trends Report 2020 – General Assembly – Melbourne/AU
  • March 2020 – Advertising Week LATAM Mexico City – “A.I. applications in Marketing” + “Resilience for Leadership”
  • March 2020 – (Private event) Melbourne/AU – “The Future of Finances”
  • March 2020 – (Corporate event) Sydney/AU – “Future of Mobility”
  • June 2020 – AMP/Amplify Melbourne and Sydney/AU – “Marketing in Financial World”

Past Events

January 2020 – What is A.I.?

[Interview] Defining A.I. and its applications in Marketing and in Business in less than 45 seconds.

October 2019 – ASFA Conference

Lucio Ribeiro being introduced at ASFA Conference | Melbourne 2019

Lucio Ribeiro speaking about innovative marketing for financial industry at ASFA Conference | Melbourne 2019

July 2019 – Advertising Week APAC

Burnout vs Resilience: a Personal Journey Towards a New Form of Leadership

What makes someone resilient? Why are some leaders loved and others…not so much?

Businesses are plagued with burnout, making us all worse at our jobs. After an episode of burnout, Lucio Ribeiro embarked on a personal journey of discovery, taking him from Buddhist temples to the heart of a humanitarian crisis in a refugee camp as a volunteer. Come and hear how he rediscovered the joy and reinterpreted the concept of leadership.

November 2019 – Fuckup Nights

Lucio Ribeiro speaking about vulnerability, resilience, fears, mental health, burn out and the solution coming from Philosophy, Buddhism and Psychology | Melbourne 2019

July 2019 – Advertising Week APAC

Demystifying A.I. For the Future

We are surrounded by hysteria about Artificial Intelligence. There is hysteria about how powerful algorithms will become, how quickly it will happen and the jobs it will replace. Senior leaders are confused and don’t know where to turn to get an honest assessment. And marketers are being bombarded with promises of AI fixes which are still a long way from reality.

In this entry-level session, Lucio Ribeiro, a lecturer in AI at Deakin University and RMIT, will explain what’s really going on in the field to help you get equipped with the knowledge you need to advance your business.

March 2019 – Advertising Week LATAM (Mexico)

Showreel. Lucio Ribeiro speaking on the topics of Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Resilience.