Sérgio Brodsky

Strategist | Board Advisor | Writer | Speaker | founder of Serge Consultancy

“From laughter, to tears, to enlightenment… it’s one of the rarest things to find a speaker that can deliver so much. That person is Lucio.”

Suzana Bishop

Federation Square MD

“Lucio came and talked to my entire team and were just blown away by the authenticity in his leadership and the opportunities for resilience.”

Jules Lund

Founder Tribe and former TV, Radio Presenter

“I saw Lucio speak at Advertising Week and it was nothing short of inspiring. He’s courages, he’s vulnerable, but he’s full of insights.”

Jared Cooney

Neuroscientist (Harvard) – Educator (University of Melbourne) – Book author

“Experience and authenticity, what more do you need from a speaker? Lucio has both in spades.”

Marlos de Souza

Secretary Water FAO – United Nations

“I Watched Lucio in AI (Artificial Intelligence). It was entertaining clarifying..How can I apply in my work now in the future.”